Highlights of the adventure thus far!

Writing about myself is always a challenge. Where do I start? What would the reader like to know about me? My mind is blank. Nevertheless, I will make an attempt.

Family picture
  • As a kid, I was quite clingy to my immediate family and hated meeting strangers or new people. …

The answer will change your perspective and your life

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I watched a movie last week that was produced 45 years before I was born. It was not in color and I did not know any of the cast. But my gosh did it deliver!

The name of the movie was It’s a Wonderful Life directed and produced by Frank…

A man who loved the Lord with all his heart, soul, and mind

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My best friend named his son Josiah. I had never heard the name before and I was intrigued.

When he told me Josiah was found in the Bible, it piqued my curiosity even more. I searched through the Bible and found his story in the book of 2 Kings.


Finding ourselves in the healing story of the leper

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My office computer was giving me trouble yesterday. Every time I opened a software program, the screen would flicker and open multiple windows.

I logged a job with the ICT department and tried re-installing the drivers for the system.

After four hours of failed attempts, I took it to a…

Convert a mundane chore to an outlet of delight and wonder

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Like many others, I used to find cooking dinner a necessary evil. It would be monotonous, dull, and lacking in enjoyment.

Since the lockdown, however, I have changed my mindset about cooking. I realized that the one constant in life is that I need to eat. Even in the middle…

Scripture Prompt

Scripture prompt: Romans 12:1–2

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I love the movie ‘Chariots of Fire’. It's based on the true story of Eric Lidell, a Scottish Christian who runs for the glory of God. There is a moving scene in the middle of the film where his sister accuses him of no longer caring about God. …

Understanding the real reason that God left Samson

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I was tempted to call my son Samson. He was born with a full head of hair and he displayed immense strength even as a baby. He would try to stand in his bathtub at a time when most babies would be content in bed. …

Format your title perfectly and keep your editors happy

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As a writer on Medium, you will be aware that most publications require you to format your titles using ‘Title Case’. When done incorrectly, you will be greeted by a friendly email from your editor asking you to kindly fix the title and resubmit. …

A wonderful love story of inclusion, devotion, and redemption

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The book of Ruth sticks out like a fly on a wedding cake. …

Michael Ranjitsingh

Creator, writer, and dreamer. Specialize in writing articles about Relationships, Love, Poetry, and Christianity. Dad, husband, and child of God.

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